services we provide

Entrust us with your complete product development and marketing requirements. Let our rich experience and expertise in various technologies produce cost-effective and sustainable results for your business.

Mobile app development

We build applications for Android, iPhones, tablets, Kiosks, IoT devices, etc. with native, hybrid and cross platform technologies.

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E2E Product development

We plan and execute through research, quick product development, optimized deployment, digital marketing and maintenance & support.

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E2E Enterprise Transformation

We analyze, develop and deploy scalable and maintainable MIS customized to the needs of the organization.

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Staffing solutions

We provide talented, agile ready remote developers, trained in automation tools & best practices. Scrum masters available on demand.

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Business Analytics

We utilize insights from existing data to improve processes and aid business decisions that improve ROI.

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Cloud services

We provide cutting edge cloud engineering services like Amazon cloud, Google cloud, Heroku, CDN etc.

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UI/UX designing

Extremely creative design team of ICS will design state-of-the-art UI/UX for your app/ website.

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Social media marketing

Promote your product/service on the correct social media platforms, targeting the correct set of customers with appealing copy written by us.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We strive to increase site traffic and convert it to sales with optimized keywords, appropriate links and engaging UI/UX.

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Paid search marketing (PPC)

Generate leads and boost sales with Ads on search engines, websites, YouTube, and mobile apps with optimum cost per conversion.

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Conversion rate optimization

With a thorough analysis of the buying decision making process of your customers, we optimize the sales funnel to improve the conversion rate.

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Give us an outline and let us complete the picture

Our approach to work is very clear. We analyze the customer’s requirement, define a strategy, execute the plan and report the progress to the customer on a regular basis. Each project is managed by experts in respective technological domains.

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